Gunnison Colorado KVLE-FM Communications Tower Project

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Scope of the project is to replace the existing (old 1974 vintage, 39 year old) tower with a new structure. This new tower will be almost exactly like the existing tower with the exception that it will be designed to reflect the current "G" safety regulations. The new regulations mandate the tower be considerably stronger, constructed with heavier galvanized steel and guy wires.   The tower face will be 36 inches to accommodate  a new 4 bay FM antenna for KVLE-FM as well as the existing Verizon equipment at the current elevation. The new tower is designed to accommodate (5) future Cellular carriers as well placement of antennas for GOGO to provide Pilot to Ground direct phone and Internet communication to commercial and Private aircraft. The tower height will be just under 200 feet, a little shorter than the existing structure. This tower will also be outfitted with a de-tuning skirt, the same as the existing tower to prevent interference from the neighbor radio station. The replacement tower will completely fit on the existing Pilgrim property therefor not requiring any easements as was the case with the old tower.

Current revised plans call for the installation of the GOGO shelter in it's permanent location immediately (October 2013). Install "One" RAD on the existing tower (October 2013) at a location that structurally will permit mounting. No Building Permit is Required for this installation. Pilgrim will continue to work with the County to obtain the Building permit for the New Tower.  

The property is owned by Pilgrim Communications who also owns KVLE-FM radio. Pilgrim will own the tower as well. World Telecom Sites is managing the new construction as well as the removal of the existing tower. World Telecom Sites is working with All County Surveying in Gunnison and expects to utilize local Gunnison labor for the the foundation and electrical.
Replacement of Existing Radio Tower with New Stronger, Safer Tower
Final Colorado Stamped Tower plans. Click here to see a PDF expandable picture
Old Tower to be Replaced
Proposed New Tower Revised 10/10/13 11 AM